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Welcome to L&Q International. We are in the business of providing advanced products and solutions that control dust and stabilize soils and their structures.  What does that mean to you?  

We provide you with easy-to-use, water-soluble products and processes to make your unpaved, dirt roads dust free and solid and water-resistant throughout the year. We harden and waterproof your soil banks and retaining walls to resist ersosion and water breakthoughs. We provide a protective water-resistant coating to treat compressed earthen block (CEB) so you can build with it in all types of climates.

Soil related problems cost businesses and property owners time, money, and aggravation.
  • Dust
  • Mud
  • Washed-out roads
  • Silt-filled drainage ditches
L&Q solves these soil problems with environmentally friendly polymers and enzymes that surpress dust, harden soils, and resist water.

Traditional methods for stabilizing soils rely on cement, lime, and fly-ash. Dust control has been tried with everything from frequent applications of fresh water to products like salts (calcium chloride), soy-oil extracts, petroleum waste products, molasses, and solutions that include ground-up animal entrails.

All of these methods have excessive labor costs, large specialized equipment requirements, environmental hazards, and logistical drawbacks. When they are compared with L&Q's soil solutions, more often than not, we are the right solution for you. See our DustHold 301 video at www.youtube.com/watch
Why L&Q is different?   Let us tell you more....

See: The L&Q Difference


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